Christian Social Media strategies

5 Minute Church Communication Strategy

Struggling to start a communication strategy for your church? Take five minutes to ponder these two questions and begin to bring some clarity to your approach.

It Is Enough: A Christian Social Media Campaign Around Gun

On the 14th of each month, use some form of social media (Twitter, Facebook, a blog, etc.) to raise issues around gun violence and/or advocate for stronger gun laws. You are welcome to focus on any aspect of the problem

Social Media to the Glory of God | Christian Research Network

It is nearly impossible for the internet-savvy Christian to avoid some form of social media. Whether reading or writing, active or passive, few Christians who peruse the internet will refrain entirely from glancing at blogs, Twitter,

Digital Life Team Christian Social Media Management Services

Let us be your DIGITAL LIFE TEAM We can help manage your social media accounts and websites to build and edify your community! Do you wish that your.

Christian Faux Pax on Social Media – Sober Julie Doing Life

I’m calling out Christian who are calling out each other. It’s time to pause and question how deep your relationship is before “guiding” someone.

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